Cost of Living Costa Rica: The Truth

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Affordable Cost of Living Costa Rica: How Much Does It Cost to Live in Costa Rica?

Ever wondered about spending your vacation in Costa Rica? Most travelers and expats have only one question in mind. How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the most visited places by many tourists and expats due to its affordable cost of living Costa Rica. The country’s affordable cost of living entices its visitors to prolong their stay. There are also various amazing views in affordable cost of living Costa Rica including white sandy beaches, wide forests, diverse wildlife, and volcanoes. The people are also friendly. Ninety-six percent of the population is highly literate.

Expats Love for the Affordable Cost of Living Costa Rica

Cost of living Costa Rica

How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica really depends on the person’s way of life and spending habits. Costa Rica is home to over 50 thousand Americans, the majority of them are senior citizens who decide to live permanently in the beautiful country. Affordable cost of living Costa Rica is famous for its medical tourism. Despite the low-cost health care, the quality of health services obtained is never compromised. One great example of this is the Costa Rica—Verdeza located in Escazu.

Expats can save a lot of money from medical expenditures because of the cheap cost of healthcare services. According to a Tico Times News Report, the center offers top notch services for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Notwithstanding the low-cost services, the center still maintains a high quality of service.

For only $3800, the patient is already provided a place to stay, housekeeping, and assistance with activities of daily living, meals specifically focused on the needs of the patient, medications, and various forms of therapy.

The same package would usually cost an estimated $9000 in the United States. Furthermore, in Costa Rica, health professionals obtain training from high caliber medical schools in Europe and US. Thus, this makes them competent.

The cost of living Costa Rica and its medical care is what makes the country appealing to many Americans and visitors. In a CRDoctors report, a health checkup in the country would only amount to $50 and $100 if you decide to see a medical specialist. Health insurance is likewise cheap, amounting between $60 and $130 per month.

Among all, Costa Rica’s public health care provides the best advantage for extending the stay in the country or even living in the country permanently. For expats who wish to acquire a residency status experience the affordable cost of living Costa Rica, they only need to have an evidence of earning a monthly income of $1000. They also just have to pay a small amount that will enable them to access the different health services of 250 clinics and 30 hospitals in the country without having to pay a dime.

Surgical procedures do not cost much as well. A bypass surgery can only cost $24,000. In the United States, the same procedure usually costs $130,000. Overall, you would be able to save 80% of your money when you obtain the medical services in affordable cost of living Costa Rica.

The Incredible Cost of Living in Costa Rica

Cost of Living in Costa Rica

How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica relies on the choice of lifestyle. While there are some individuals who want live extravagantly, there are also those who prefer simple ways of living.

The affordable cost of living Costa Rica varies depending on the expat’s lifestyle. The majority of expats live their lives comfortably with having only a $3000 budget every month. Foods and rentals are two of the most expensive commodities in the country.

A three-bedroom apartment situated in the city costs between $800 and $900 a month while those far from the city cost about $670 monthly. Expats who live independently can rent out a smaller unit that costs $450 a month.

Purchasing an apartment unit can cost an estimated $1300 per square meter. On the other hand, apartments situated at the city’s outskirt can cost around $1250 per square meter. As for the utilities, including water, electricity, garbage, and sewage, all these cost $75 per month.

The country’s access to the internet is also cheaper compared to that in the United States. For $53.28, you can already obtain an ADSL connection with a speed of 10 Mbps. Other monthly expenditures include property taxes, car insurance, as well as car registration. All these expenses can amount to $150 every month.

Saving Money in Costa Rica

Save money in Costa Rica

How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica is a question that entails a simple answer. Living in Costa Rica is equivalent to big savings. Food expenses in affordable cost of living Costa Rica are less expensive than that of Canada and the United States. To avoid high taxes on imported goods, expats should avoid going to the supermarkets and instead go to farmer’s markets. Products that are mostly expensive in Costa Rica include a kilo of apples, fresh milk, eggs, and beer. The economy of Costa Rica is highly reliant on the importation taxes of these goods.

Setting a budget of $300 a month for groceries is already enough. But expats can save more if they buy local products and cook meals on their own. On the other hand, the cost of dining out is also cheaper in Costa Rica than in the United States.

A single meal from a food establishment that operates locally can only cost $6.55. On the other hand, mid-priced food establishments that serve three-course meals price their food servings at $33.68. In the United States, a three-course meal would usually cost $45.

Where to Stay in Costa Rica for an Affordable Cost

How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica is dependent on the city where you live. There are three places in Costa where expats can enjoy an affordable cost of living Costa Rica. These sites include San Jose, the city of Atenas, the town of Nosara, and the city of San Ramon. San Jose is an urban place in Costa where most expats opt to spend their retirement age. This is true coming from many expats who are already experiencing the affordable cost of living Costa Rica.

Atenas is only 30 minutes from the country’s capital. In this place, you will enjoy a 70-degree Fahrenheit temperature throughout the year. The cost of living in Atenas is around $2000 a month.

There are also beaches surrounding the city. Another city is Nosara. It has over 5000 people and has lots of resorts. The town is committed to its advocacy for eco-friendly projects. The cost of living in Nosara is only $2000 a month. Nosara is comparable to California except for the big population.

San Ramon is an alternative town to San Jose. It is a city where most poets and presidents were born. The town is 3000 feet above sea level. Hence, many expats love to stay in this town.

The cost of staying in San Ramon is only around $1900 a month. There are various beaches surrounding the area. Moreover, for nature lovers, San Ramon is only a 30- to 45-minute drive going to a forest reserve called Manuel Brenes. The town has a farmer’s market where most expats involve themselves in local cultures and way of life.


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