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Top Reasons to Retire in Costa Rica

A lot of people from America, Canada and Europe who travel to Costa Rica are often drawn to the idea of someday retiring in the country. “Pura Vida” is a Costa Rican translation for “Life is good.” But countless retirees will tell you otherwise: “When in Costa Rica, life is better!” So, what makes Costa Rica one of the most short-listed retirement destinations in the whole wide world?

The reasons are practically limitless.

But just so you’ll get an idea (if you already don’t have anything yet) on what Costa Rica has to offer, let us outline them for you. Just a little warning though: Be prepared to fall in love.

#1 Peace and Economic Stability

Perhaps, one of the most important factors that a person considers upon choosing a retirement location is safety. Well, you’d be happy to know Costa Rica is one of the most prosperous, progressive, and stable countries in Latin America. For over 60 years, it has flourished in peace even without an army and has a consistent democratic political stability.

Costa Rica has consistently maintained its outstanding performance in the Human Development Index. In fact, in 2012, it ranked 62nd worldwide, one of the highest among any Latin American nation. The United Nations Development Programme has also mentioned that Costa Rica has better record on human development than other countries with the same income.

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#2 World Wide Accessibility

A lot of people may not know how easily accessible Costa Rica is from the continental United States. In fact, a direct flight from Miami to Costa Rica only takes more than two hours; from Houston, it takes less than four hours; and from Los Angeles, Costa Rica can be reached in no more than six hours.

If you end up retiring in Costa Rica and you miss either your friends or your family, then just remember how easy it is to visit them.

#3 No More Freezing Temp!

Costa Rica’s climate is tropical, with an average temperature of 80.5 degrees Fahrenheit during summer and 17.8 degrees Fahrenheit during rainy season. This only means one thing: you won’t have to worry about teeth-gritting winters and shoveling snow!

#4 Wonderland for Nature Lovers 

When it comes to beaches, Costa Rica will never ever disappoint! This alone would make absolutely anyone to live in Costa Rica. After all, one can never have too much beach, do you think so? Besides the beautiful and pristine beaches, the country is a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. If you are a true nature-lover, Costa Rica has several parks and reserves that you can immerse yourself into.

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#5 Top-notch Health Care for a Fraction of US Costs

Costa Rica ranked 20 in public health system worldwide, according to United Nations. The country’s health clinics consist of a general practitioner, a nurse, clerk, a primary health technician, and a pharmacist. In 2008, Costa Rica had five specialty national hospitals, seven regional hospitals, thirteen peripheral hospitals, three general national hospitals, and ten major clinics.

Among the Latin American countries, Costa Rica is one of the most renowned for medical tourism. Over 150,000 Americans visited the country for medical treatment in 2006 alone. Geographic proximity, high-quality medical care, and low health care costs are some of the reasons why Costa Rica is popular among Americans.

#6 Affordable Cost of Living

Costa Rica’s cost of living is generally less-expensive than in the U.S. A monthly budget of $1500 will be enough to provide you a simple yet comfortable lifestyle. Rental can be as low as $250 per month; labor costs and medical care are true bargain, although food costs is about the same as in the U.S.

Cars may a little be more expensive here but the good news is that there are numerous means of cheap transportation that you can count on.

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#7 Get Around Easily

As mentioned, Costa Rica provides a more expansive travel option.  Usually, busy cities of the U.S. like New York provide five methods of transportation, namely: taxi, bus, foot, subway, or personal vehicle. Well, in Costa Rica, you can ride a car, a bike, a bus, moto, golf cart, ATV, horse, surfboard, and the rare ox cart. Isn’t that astounding?

You don’t only get more practical means of transportation, but while you are on these simple yet incredible rides, you get the chance to integrate yourself into the community; a high there and a hello here, lots of smiling between foreigners, waving to friends, and a lot more. In addition to that, you can appreciate the country’s beautiful sceneries even more.

#8 No Visa Hassles

The requirements for residency in Costa Rica are minimal. If you have a minimum of $1000 as monthly income, live in the country for a minimum of four months, and pay a contribution to the local public health care system, then you are heading towards becoming a “pensionado”. You are permitted to own a company, accumulate income, and claim your other half or dependents who are below 18 years old.

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#9 Luxurious Real Estate in an Elegant Community

Costa Rica offers an expansive opportunity to buy or rent properties anywhere in the country. With Costa Rica’s protective laws providing equal rights among foreigners and natives in terms of owning a property, acquiring a real estate is a safe undertaking. A practical tip in buying a property is to choose the ones that are only known by few tourists.

As always, it is best to acquire a real estate property from a trusted and reputable real estate developer who provides a safe community where you can spend your retirement years in comfort and luxury.


Anyone would agree that these are more than enough reasons to believe that Costa Rica is one of the best countries out there to live and retire in. When everything is said and done, in the end it’s no longer a question of why you should retire in Costa Rica, but a matter of deciding when to pack your bags and embrace the “pura vida” lifestyle that embodies this Central American homeland.