PE-master-paln1 Retire and Living in Costa Rica

Our Welcoming Message

As the Managing Director of Pacific Estates of Costa Rica, I would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to many of our loyal followers and to those who became part of our extended family. I am very excited and pleased to announce all of the accomplishments of the past nine months. As Pacific Estates has gone through a transformation from being a mere vision, it has quickly blossomed into a community of Individuals who live by a common goal and share this common Bond;       “Living A Better Quality Of Life”

Through much perseverance, unwavering focus, and hard work our Dream has turned into a Reality.

This is really only the first step toward what will become our fantastic gated community in the south pacific coast of Costa Rica.

In this great transformational period we also would like to introduce to our brand new website . We are constantly updating our website and we strive to become the authority on relocation options for people considering a healthier lifestyle free of stress in Costa Rica.

A lot of people from America, Canada and Europe who travel to Costa Rica are often drawn to the idea of someday retiring in the country. “Pura Vida” is a Costa Rican translation for “Life is good.” But countless retirees will tell you otherwise: “When in Costa Rica, life is better!” So, what makes Costa Rica one of the most short-listed retirement destinations in the whole wide world?

At Pacific Estates of Costa Rica, when we say ‘A Better Quality of Life Awaits You,’ it is not just a slogan, it’s our way of life

Pacific Estates
We connected with the area on so many levels. We felt in our hearts that we can truly call this place our home. The decision to buy here was the first step in making our life long dream come true.

PE-master-paln1 Retire and Living in Costa Rica

Bill and Kathy Edwards

Impressed with the Virtual Tour we sent in the deposit. Before arriving we stayed at Manual Antonio only to see what we feared the most. (Tourist Trap) However arriving at Pacific Estates in the Southern Zone it was exactly why we came to Costa Rica.

PE-master-paln1 Retire and Living in Costa Rica

Kenneth and Audrey

The whole development is going to be beautiful. We put our condominium [in Maui] up for sale [and] when is sells we will start construction of our beautiful home. We really are not giving up anything to make this our permanent retirement home, except the higher cost of living in Maui. Who wouldn’t do that?

PE-master-paln1 Retire and Living in Costa Rica

Jean & Ron Lambert

This was not the first attempt to invest in property [for us] and while the others failed, this one has been very successful thus far. One of the principal factors in the decision to work with Pacific Estates was the company’s ability to execute on their plans.

PE-master-paln1 Retire and Living in Costa Rica

Ellen & Fabian Gordon

Wake up each morning to the sounds of toucans and other exotic birds welcoming you to the unique tranquility of Pacific Estates. Enjoy your morning coffee as you take in the magnificent scenery that engulfs you. Hear the sounds of nature all around you and breathe in the fresh air that enables you to become one with the rainforest from your new home.

Call us today at 866-900-9799 or Email us at

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